the itinerary

26th July Torino – Trieste (Italy) 564 km

27th July Trieste-Banja Luka (Bosnia-Erzegovina) 414 km

28th July Banja-Luka – Sarajevo (Bosnia Erzegovina) 218 km

29th July Sarajevo – Čačak (Serbia) 237 km

30th July Čačak – Sofia (Bulgaria) 362 km

31th July Sofia – Istanbul (Turkey) 549 km

2th August Istambul – Hacıbektaş (Central Anatolia) 676 km

3th August Hacıbektaş – Göreme (Cappadocia) 57 km

4th August Göreme – Darende 302 km

5th August Darende – Kahta 250 km

6th August Katha – Midyat (South East Turkey) 347 km

7th August Midyat – Van 418 km

8th August Van – Khoy (Iranian Azerbaijan Iran) 165 km

9th August Khoy – Urmia 137 km

14th August Urmia – Zanjan 451 km

15th August Zanjan – Teheran 334 km

20th August Tehran – Hamadan 319 km

21th August Hamadan – Senadaj (Iranian Kurdistan) 175 km

22th August Senadaj – Palangan 122 km

23th August Palangan – Khoy 664 km

25th August Khoy (Iran) – Erzurum (Turkey) 471 km

26th August Erzurum – Samsun (Black Sea) 648 km

27th August Samsun – Sinop 158 km

28th August Sinop – Amasra 404 km

29th August Amasra – Ankara 307 km

31th August Ankara – Istanbul 450 km

4th September Istanbul – Asprovalta (Greece) 525 km

5th September Asprovalta – Igoumenitsa 400 km

6th September Ancona (Italy) – Bologna 230 km

7th September Bologna – Moneglia 250 km

9th September Moneglia – Torino 350 km

tot 10954 km by google map , really covered 11700 km


Gero Cacciatore (b.1974), works on long term photographic projects with a special interest in african and middle eastern countries social issues. His last solo motorbike travel reportage from Italy to Iran has been published in Italy (Riders, In Moto), Germany (The Weekender) and England (Overland Magazine). The photographs taken during his journeys as well as ordinary life in the city are part of a long term on going project called “Recordings”: a research about photographic process and memory. He has been commissioned by STMicroelectronics to document manufacturing processes of diverse sites in Europe, North Africa, India, Far East and USA. In Noida (New Delhi) and Singapore, he collaborated with ST Foundation engaged in improving the educational opportunities of children from underprivileged backgrounds. As a still-life photographer he has collaborated with a variety of magazines such as Velvet (la Repubblica), Io Donna (Corriere della Sera), First (Panorama), Elle Italia, Vogue Pelle and Vogue Gioiello among others has captured photographic images for catalogues and advertising campaigns for fashion brands such as Borsalino, Fay, Hogan, Stone-Island and Tod’s; and for hi-tech company such as STMicroelectronics and Alcatel. Gero is based in Berlin.

the bike

CRF 1000 L Africa twin called “La Focosa” (The Fiery) for appearance and temperament. Essential accessories for this travel: MyTech panniers, crafted gel seat, SW Motech side protection bars and Givi tank bag.

a special thank to my travel partners for the support

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