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Akranes dialogue. Iceland.

Me :”I would like to be 10 years old to play with you”.

Boy with the german t-shirt :”You are a good man”.

Me :”Thank you”.

Boy with te german t-shirt: “Have you sons?”.

Me :”No”.

Boy with Ronaldo t-shirt :”Have you a woman?”.

Me :” I used to have but she left me one year ago”.

One of them :”My mother left my father , now I live with him in Akranes , my mother lives in Reykjavik”.

Me :”It must be hard”.

He :”Yes”.

Me :”I’m sorry“.

He :”It’s ok”.

Boy with Ronaldo t-shirt :”I have four brothers!”

Then all together shouting:” I have 3 brothers! , I have 2 sisters and a brother!”.

Boy with the german t-shirt :”Do you want to see a secret place?”



Akranes, Iceland, August 2014. (photo © Gero Cacciatore)



Akranes, Iceland, August 2014. "Be wild". I meet a group of boys playing in a construction site in their last vacation day in Iceland. Tomorrow some of them will go back to Norway, where they moved with the family because of the economic crisis. (photo © Gero Cacciatore).


"The cannon man" A boy playing in a construction site. The group invite me to have a look their secret refuge:"the bunker".(photo © Gero Cacciatore).


The boy with the CR7 shirt is playing with a straw, a companion is on the roof of the "bunker, on the left a man is training a fighting dog. In the background the houses of Akranes, a port town on the west coast of Iceland. (photo © Gero Cacciatore)



"Straw-crown", enjoying last summer vacation day. (photo © Gero Cacciatore).



h 22.00, jumping off the roof of the "bunker". (photo © Gero Cacciatore).



"Jumping boy" staring at the sunset. (photo © Gero Cacciatore).



No words in front of the sea at sunset. (photo © Gero Cacciatore).



"Forever friends". They ask me to have their portrait done. (photo © Gero Cacciatore).



"Self-portrait in an Akranes window". (photo © Gero Cacciatore).

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  1. Annalisa

    Luglio 11, 2017 at 12:10 am

    Che belli sti ragazzinI. Bellissime foto.

    • gero

      Agosto 9, 2017 at 8:18 pm

      grazie Annalisa


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